Guidance for dog owners

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    Stephen Couch
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    I am sad to say that over the last few seasons the number of complaints received by members regarding dog 'mess' on site, and dogs being off the lead and not under direct control has increased. Whilst I am sure these instances are relatively isolated and the majority of dog owners are acting responsibly, in order to ensure the site can be enjoyed by everyone the committee have felt the need to update the guidance for dog owners and draw it to the attention of all members and visitors.

    If you are bringing your dog to site, please do remember that whilst you know your dog is well behaved and friendly not everyone else does, and that some people genuinely have a fear or dogs. Please make sure you keep your dog under control at all times and clean up any mess at the earliest opportunity. 

    Updated guidance for members can be seen in the Member's Area, under General Documents and will be on display in the clubhouse for visitors.