COVID-19 Update

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    Dear Members

    The club returned to formal racing on the 3rd June, and while the winds were light, and it was particularly wet the turnout was great. The committee continue to monitor and discuss the Covid 19 situation on a regular basis and would like to update you all with the following changes:

    • The club will return to a closed gate policy. The gate should be closed and locked between 6pm and 9am, and closed but unlocked between 9am and 6pm when members are on site. The last member leaving is responsible for ensuring the club buildings and site are secure.
    • Toilets and showers are now open for use
    • Changing rooms are open for use
    • The main body of the clubhouse remains closed at this time

    Additionally, when using the toilets and changing facilities please follow the below guidance:

    • All windows and doors to the changing rooms should remain open 
    • Maximum of 3 people to be in the Gents at any time
    • Maximum of 3 people to be in the Ladies at any time

    We look forward to seeing you all on the water very soon.

    LLSC Committee.